Community Responsibility

We are committed to supporting our local school project, in which we improve rural education - Lynette is a retired school teacher, her passion is Education, Teaching was her hobby.” The Education of a child is a sacred trust beyond material considerations – it is the challenging task of laying the foundation which will enable him/her to embark on the rest of her life.” Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.

Spion Kop Lodge under Lynette’s direction strives to upgrade our neighbours and their education, assisting at our local rural Zulu school by improving the standard of education.

Since we commenced here at Spion Kop in 1998, we combined two schools and relocated them onto a site where electricity and running water is available, as ,prior to our arrival, they had no such luxury!

A trust has been formed, in order to assist the learners, especially the indigent children. Due to the generosity of our guests, we have managed to purchase apparatus, stationery, uniforms, and shoes for the children, we are at present, slowly purchasing computers for the school and we have set up a wifi internet connection at the school - the teachers do not have reference books or libraries, so the internet is opening a whole new world of information and knowledge, for both teachers and learners. I am sure that you are aware that fund raising is an essential part of maintaining any school, especially one like Mpondweni / Schitsdrift, where some children have lost their parents through aids, some live with uneducated grandparents,difficult,indeed!
We have successfully combined Education and Tourism. You will recall that one end of the famous Liverpool Football Stadium, Anfield,(as well as a further 15 stadiums in the UK ) is known as the “ KOP ” in memory and in honour of the number of Soldiers, who fought and died on Spion Kop , during the South African War of 1899 -1902. So, from the futility and ashes of the Battle of Spion Kop, something positive has risen !We are honouring the memory of those brave young men ,by endeavouring, to have well educated young people, who will be able to become employed in the market place of their choice!
" The world is beautiful but empty, if one only thinks of mountains and rivers and cities - But, to know someone here and there who thinks and feels with us, and, who though distant, is close to us in spirit - this, makes the earth an inhabited garden. "

There are some things in life that are worth recording, they might not be earth shattering in the grand way, they do not change the destiny of nations nor change the course of history. However on a human scale there are often moments of generosity and care that bring untold happiness and pleasure to the lives of others.

Should you wish to contribute to this Trust, it would be most appreciated! Some guests leave a donation; others deposit £15 - £20 sterling, into the Trust account, monthly, as you can imagine this is most beneficial and greatly appreciated. Should you be interested in contributing to the Trust, please ask at reception for further details. One of our young puplis has been sponsored to attend Ladysmith High School.

“ Umuntu, Ngumuntu Ngabantu ” Translated “ A person only becomes a human through other people.”

Projects on our wishlist

We need to upgrade the school, our wish list is:

  • Security for Classrooms and computer room – R 27 000.00

  • Plant trees and have a few benches and activities for the children eg Climbing

  • Frame Jungle Jim swings etc. – R 25 000.00

  • Bus Fund – + R 590 000.00

  • Learnership Programme for young Zulu Students


  • Mrs Lynette Heron – (Director of Company) Educationalist - Founder Member ,

  • Mr Thami Sithole ( Businesman),

  • Mrs Sue Hammill –a Director of Venture Security, a division of Hammill & Associates (Pty) Ltd and an accredited (Assessor) ,

  • Bernadette Gibbs ( Educator BED )